Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Me and my Kodak!

Irene 11
Irene Reloaded

Irene Super

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Honeym.......n

2 Years of sweet companionship in marriage

This team was officially launched on the 28 of October 2006, it is over 2years and its growing
stronger and stronger! We have had a wealth of experiences in the past 2years, we look back and know
that by God’s grace , the experiences have made us a stronger and better team to serve and live for what
will out live this World – The Kingdom Of God!
Marriage counselors had warned of the various transitions and adjustments that we would encounter as individuals as as a couple.Most what we discussed through out our premarital counseling we actually experienced or heard about from other couple we have interacted with.
Irene has been very patient and extremely gracious and a wonderful wife. We can boldly say, we are growing in the areas of communication,conflict resolution,sex,finances and in our intimacy with God. We both grew up in dis functional homes,however God has raised up wonderful people who have taken up as their children,they have saught us out,counseled us in the areas they find relevant to a young couple. One in particular has focused on getting us the best marriage books and visited us every year while we were still in Uganda to check on how our marriage is doing specifically. And we are amazed!